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SS Plate Mirror Polishing Machine Line

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SS plate mirror polishing machine line

It also known as 8k machine, grinding machine, mirror polishing machine
It is used for polishing the surface of the metal coil and plate. It is made up of precise grinding part and rough grinding part.
Grinding machine body part is made up of grinding platform, lifting mechanism, swing mechanism, conveying mechanism, rinsing machine ,dryer, checking platform, laminated machine , winding machine, polishing solution cycling system , sewage treatment system, electronic system. Equipped with unreeling machine, tension station and winding machine can grind stainless coil. It can be designed into several groups according to different requests. There are eight grinding heads for each group, fixed separately on both sides of the main frame.
Polishing solution is pumped into acid liquor bucket after purifying in the deposit pond. It can be recycled. Environmental protection and low consume.
The processed the stainless can up to standard of 8k mirror after being grinded repeatedly, the refractive index is more than 95%.

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