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Inside Piepe Polishing Machine

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inside piepe polishing machine

The pipe inside polishing machine is made up of the base, the pipe fixed device, polishing walk device, feeding and unloading device, size adjustment device and the control.
1. The base is welded by joist steel; the machine is heavy enough and can make the working progress safe and steady.
2. Pipe fixed device:there are four groups, top is depress wheel, three wheel control by one cylinder, linear guide way walk up and down, and bottom is the support wheel.
3. Polishing walk device: the polishing walk device is driven by motor, walk front and back. There are three polishing shaft fixed in the polishing walk device. Non-polar reduction motors adjust the speed, and make the polishing shaft run. There are three polishing shaft in each side,  the polishing wheel is fixed in the polishing shaft, it can be with different polishing material so that the pipe can be polished into different grade and no need to change the polishing wheel. The polishing shaft is support by three supporters, one can move back and front, and the other two is fixed. In order to make the polishing shaft go inside the pipe correctly.
4. Pipe size adjustment device: adjust the pipe fixed device up and down to make the pipe center and the polishing wheel in a line. The polishing shaft is no need to change now and only adjust the pipe support wheel up and down by the handle wheel and the T screw.
5. Feeding and unloading;the cylinder make feeding and unloading and walking automatic. The pipe put on the feeding frame manual.
6. The control is PLC with English.

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