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HR Coil Pickling Line

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HR coil pickling line

1. Before and rear horizontal loop, loop car taking with CPC device to make the strip run normally;
2. Mounted CPC device on many turning roll and EPC controls the coiler;
3. Installing side tension on annealing furnace, pickling process and front coiler to control tension rightly;
4. Mist cooling section of annealing furnace is adopted German nozzle, fullmist, to meet the requirements of SS annealing;
5. According to principle of turbulence, sulfuric acid and other acids are shallow slot to fully adopt their corrosiveness;
6. Control system is adopted rectifier unit DC bus power supply and AC drive is used full digital inverter speed control system of SIEMENS;
7. Main control system: process control, speed control, tension control, auto-choosing set value, acid slot temperature auto-control, liquor level control, fault alarm, production list and temperature of furnace auto-control;

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