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Coil Cutting Line

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Coil Cutting Line

Leveling and cross cutting machine line is used for cutting the cold rolled Carbon steel, silicon steel coil, stainless steel, galvanized coil and aluminum coil into plate of the needed standard
It is mainly made up of the loading trolley, unreeling machine, pallet pressing device, the body part of leveling machine, active bridge, guiding corrective device, dimension machine, laminating device, plate cutter, conveying machine table, pneumatic layout shelf, hydraulic lifting material stacker machine, material carrying raceway platform and hydraulic system, electronic control system, etc., and cooperate with active PLC control
Equipped with high-precise actuating motor, reliable hydraulic system and high-level PLC to make material convey and cut precisely.
The production line can increase productivity, lower the cost, ensure the products' quality and improve the marketing competition ability

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