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Slitting Machine Line

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Slitting machine Line

XFT—ZJ series from model 450 to 2000 slitting machine line
①slitting machine line also known as slitting machine, roller shearing machine, circular shearing machine, tension shearing machine.
②This equipment is used for slitting Silicon steel plate, Aluminum coil, Galvanized coils, stainless steel and plain carbon steel into several small strips and then rewinding into roil. The production line is made up of loading trolley, unreeling machine, auxiliary supports, drawing and leveling machine, material connecting and head flatten device, hydraulic plate-shearing machine, hydraulic system and electronic system.
③Slitting machine body part is made up of top and bottom cutter shaft, active cutter shaft support, movable cutter shaft support and synchronized lifting device. The principal axis support is processed by casting, seasoning and boring machine precision machining. The top and bottom cutter shaft is processed by lathes machining, high-frequency treatment, grinding chroming, regrinding and other techniques. Shearing precision tolerance can achieve to ±0.01mm
④Winding machine is made up of material division device, deceleration device, which can rewind the small strips trimly.
⑤The important parts and all the electronic components of the electronic system adopt the world famous brand, ensuring the stability of equipment.
⑥The working speed of the machine units can achieve to 180 meters per minute, it has the characters of high efficiency and high-precision.

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